Summer tours at Kiwifruit Country 

In summer (December to February), kiwifruit vines undergo tremendous growth and growers frequently prune the vines to direct growth and manage the canopy (the canes can sometimes reach up to 5 - 6 metres in length during the growing process). The fruit grow quickly during the summer months. Kiwifruit crop volume can be estimated at this time and the kiwifruit selectively thinned to optimise fruit size.

Autumn tours at Kiwifruit Country 

Picking season
Bins of kiwifruits
Work in packhouse
Work in packhouse
Worker for picking
Truck with bins
Bins for the kiwifruit

As the weather cools in the New Zealand Autumn (March to May) harvest time approaches. The kiwifruit are tested for ripeness and when they pass a certain criteria for quality and grade, the kiwifruit are carefully picked by a huge team of workers (many who come from overseas to assist). Once the kiwifruit have been picked, they are transported to the packhouse to be packed and stored ready for shipping and export.

Spring tours at Kiwifruit Country

Springtime (September to November) sees the kiwifruit vines begin to grow again. New shoots appear on the canes along with the first flower buds. With the help of bees, kiwifruit flowers are pollinated between mid-September to mid-November. The vines then begin to fruit with the pollinated flowers transforming themselves into small berries.

Kiwifruit - Oct
Kiwifruit - Octobre
Sun and kiwifruit
Bees for the orchard
Spring kiwifruit
Flower of kiwifruit
Kiwifruit spring
Flower of kiwifruit

Winter tours at Kiwifruit Country

Orchard during the winter
Kiwifruit in May
Kiwifruit in June

During the winter months (June to August) the vines lay dormant, allowing growers the opportunity to remove last season’s fruiting canes and to select and tie down new canes which form the foundations for new growth.